Jan 10, 2016

Kuwait - January 2016: With the beginning of the New Year, 2016, the Gulf Network Communications Company (Gulf Net) has launched a new strategic course in accordance with its social responsibility program titled: (Take care of your children).

The campaign aims, through social media, to warn parents of the dangers related to the excessive use of social media, smart phones and tablets by children and adolescents, which has become almost daily habit for them, which also affects their health and psychological status, along with affecting the construction of their personalities in the future. 

The company emphasizes that its commitment to leave a positive imprint on society and on the environment due to its social responsibility is the motive behind the adoption of a number of issues having the greatest impact on social life, since the company believes that a sustainable future is the basis for the society bright future.

In accordance with these values and goals, Gulf Net emphasizes that it will  always plan to work on the issues and opportunities related to the components of the social structure, on the basis of its belief in the social responsibility of the private sector and its social role in improving the economic and social welfare.

The company emphasizes that, at the beginning of each year, it renews its orientation compass towards the most influential issues in health, education, culture, sports, economy and environment areas, and on this basis, the company seeks that the impact of its activities in the areas of sustainability shall extend to the use of its resources for the purpose of encouraging everything achieving added value to the society. 

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