Product & Services

Smart Solutions/ ICT Services

We offer comprehensive turn-key information and communication technology (ICT) solutions addressing complex requirements of large enterprises, government, banking & finance, small & mid-size businesses built over our range of trusted world renowned products and in-house expertise.

Communication systems

We provide a secure network interconnect between passive and/ or active systems in office areas, wirelessly or using fiber or CAT cables as transmission medias resulting in high data-transfer rates and lower connection costs.

Voice and Video connectivity

We provide IPTV (Television based on the use of Internet Protocol), IP Telephony and Video Conference.

  • IPTV enhances the quality of transmitted channels.
  • IP telephones uses IP packet-switched connections to exchange voice and fax at lower costs.
  • Video conferencing enables multiple office locations to interact with each other at reduced rate.

Audio Visual systems

We provide projection, display and sound systems that are best suited to run presentations, seminars or lectures for all business verticals.

Digital Signage System

An electronic display system that shows television program listing, menus, information, advertising and others that can be controlled by personal computers or servers.

Scoreboards and LED Display

Scoreboard allows companies such as event management to display score, time and score-statistics of a game. LED display is a flat panel that can put up as pop-up stands at various events, as store signs and/or billboards.

Automation and Control

We install automation systems to control lights, HVAC, Window Shutters/ Curtains, Projectors, Screens, and any electrical devices inside an office premise. An authorized user can control these devices locally or remotely through user interface control devices, web access, PDA, Mobile Phone and Ultra mobile PCs.

Security and Access Control

BOnline deploys security access control within an office location by installing a PIN Code access device, Finger Print reader and/ or Card reader. We also provide Security Camera system to record all the actions during certain times at offices.